Finding Hygge

Finding Hygge: A 12 Stars Media Documentary
“Hygge has a very long tail if you like – many of the talks and panels at SXSW for example, talk about the empowerment of women, equal rights, openness and togetherness – these are all elements that are real Danish values and a great part of hygge as well. In most parts of the world, you don’t necessarily see the same equality and approach to life that we do in Denmark. It’s really important to note that hygge is so much more than cozy fireplaces and candlelight.”
Louise Ramsing Jensen, VisitDenmark
“Coming in 2018, Finding Hygge examines the global phenomenon through an in-depth look at those who have made hygge a lifestyle.”
Film Indy
“Hygge is about enjoying life’s simple pleasures, but it is so much more than just candles and cozy blankets. The teaser is already giving me goosebumps!”
That Scandinavian Feeling