A 12 Stars Media Documentary

Finding Hygge

Finding Hygge: A 12 Stars Media Documentary

Coming 2018

A journey to discover the real meaning of hygge through a glimpse into the lives of the happiest people on the planet.

Standing accused, though perhaps not literally the “worst year ever,” 2016 sparked a search for something happier in the world, and the Danish concept of hygge (hoo-ga) found its way onto bookshelves, Pinterest boards, and the Oxford Dictionaries shortlist for “Word of the Year” alongside Brexiteer and Alt-right. Consistently ranked among the happiest people on earth, have the Danes possessed the key to happiness all along? And, can we find it for ourselves?

The Cast

The Filmmakers

In 2007, Rocky Walls and Zach Downs started a video production company, 12 Stars Media. Their goal was to use video as a way to connect people. During a trip to Copenhagen in 2016, Zach and Rocky noticed major cultural differences between Denmark and the United States. The pace of life appeared much slower and more relaxed. How Danes spent their time together was a marked difference from Americans. They learned the Danish word "hygge", which explained some of the cultural differences. A few months later, global interest in hygge peaked as well. The 12 Stars Media team has sought to discover the real meaning of the word and share it with the world.