Finding Hygge

Finding Hygge: A 12 Stars Media Documentary

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Small (Up to 50 people): $200 + shipping
Large (Over 50 people): $300 + shipping

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  • I'm looking for a copy to keep in my K-12 school, university, or library. Is the right page?
    Close. Please feel free to contact our Associate Producer, Grant Michael at for questions regarding the purchase of the film for educational purposes.
  • Does the screening license include the movie, or do I have to get a copy separately?
    Yes, the license includes a DVD and permission for a public screening. Other formats are available upon request.
  • Can I charge admissions or ask for donations?
    Yes! You are welcome to sell tickets and use the film as a fundraiser.
  • Can I use my screening license for more than one screening?
    Licenses are for single screenings only. If you are hosting multiple screenings, please contact us to work out a multi-showing discount.
  • Can the Filmmakers or any Cast Members come to our screening?
    Hopefully! We love attending the screenings and ask for you to cover travel costs and a small honorarium.